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" Warez are copyrighted works distributed without fees or royalties, generally unauthorized releases by organized groups. "

Introduction to Warez

Warez are often distributed outside of The Scene by torrents uploaded to a popular P2P website by an associate or friend of the cracker or cracking crew.

- An nfo or FILE ID.DIZ is often made to promote who created the release.
- It is downloaded by users of the tracker and spread to other sharing sites using P2P.
- Can be downloaded by millions of users all over the world.
- Releases are duplicated, renamed, then re-uploaded to different sites.
- Another popular method of distributing Warez is via one-click offshore hosting websites.

" Infected warez directly from the warez scene is a very unusual occurrence. The malicious content is usually added at a later stage by third parties. "

Useful Resources

WarezHosting.org does not lobby for, consult, or advise companies, nor do we endorse specific products or services. This list merely serves as a sampling of available privacy-enhancing tools.

Tor Project: Internet anonymizing software that securely routes traffic through multiple nodes.

VindoHosting: anonymous webhosting and domain registration.

DuckDuckGo: anonymous, encrypted web searches.

Copyright Law as a Tool for State Censorship of the Internet

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